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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Free Camping Offered By Fellow RVers Seminar at Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont

There are twenty plus seminars to choose from on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, without repeat presentations.  Everything from safety on the road to RV electrical systems to camping options are covered in just three days.

I chose to the Free Camping Offered by Fellow RVers Seminar because I am interested in varied camping options.  Eric and I have Resorts of Distinction and Resort Parks International campground memberships.  We use to find boondock locations, mostly in store parking lots, across the U.S. and Canada.  Free camping is allowed on Bureau of Land Management areas in the Western U.S.  We check "the rules of the road" in states and Canadian Provinces we travel in and have overnighted in road side pull offs, where it is allowed.

Let's see what Boondockers Welcome has to offer RVers:

I can't tell you the number
 encounters Eric & I have had
 with fellow RVers that include
an invitation to stay on their
property  while traveling.

This service allows hosting RVers
& traveling RVers to communicate
& set up free overnight parking.
 Think of it as the airbnb of Rving.  There are two types of membership.... Host Membership and Guest Only Membership.  Initial contacts are made through  After arrangements are made, the host and traveling RVer exchange phone numbers and email addresses.

Hosts enjoy company with shared interests.  Guests save money on camping fees and spend from one to three, five nights in a safe, relaxed environment.  Guests don't pay the hosts.  How do the hosts profit?  Positive reviews add up and hosts get extensions on their memberships.

Host Locations across the U.S.,
Canada, in Mexico, Europe,

I'm sharing with Eric.  We need to evaluate this camping option and make a decision.

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