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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lifetime Members Social at Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont

From time to time, Escapees RV Club offers Lifetime Memberships to its members.  Eric and I joined Escapees RV Club in 2005 and became Lifetime Members in 2013.

We joined other Lifetime Escapee
Members at a Social for this
relatively small group.

Cathie Carr welcomed

Escapees RV Club
provided the snacks.

Lifetime Members do what
Escapees do best share 
experiences & make 
new friends.

Ooooh....  Prizes

Prizes were awarded to the longest term Escapee Lifetime Member.  Each new Escapee member gets a membership number.  Kay Peterson has Number 1.  She was excluded from claiming this prize.  A basket was given to the newest Escapee Lifetime Member.  Eric and I fall were somewhere between the lowest and highest "SKP" numbers.  The Lifetime Members from Alaska won the prize for traveling the farthest to Escapade.  The toughest question to answer was, "What did SKP mean in 1978?"  The answer is Support, Knowledge and Pleasure.  No one remembered Pleasure.  That's OK....  Everyone agreed that oh, so close was good enough to win the prize.  

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