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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Doubleday House in Ballston Spa, New York

The historic marker in front

Abner Doubleday, the man
was born here.

The refurbished building is now an Antique Gallery.  Carol and I left John and Eric chatting outside as we explored the Gallery.

Five Antique Dealers sell
their wares here.

There's a lot to see in
this small house.

Baseball memorabilia

This ceramic clay  Spaniel
 bookend is one of a pair.

Clay pipe and tile factories provided the material for "Sewer Tile Art.". The leftovers, at the "end of the day" were crafted by workers into artsy items to sell for extra income or to give as gifts.  This clay-fired ceramic art imitated the expensive pottery pieces that were popular at the time.  

This box is a fine example

Cast off wood is whittled into intricate designs.  Hobos, the men who "rode the rails" and worked odd jobs all over the United States, gave their artwork as gifts, sold or bartered them for food and other needed items.   

18th century laundry items
are on display....

provided the correct shapes
for newly laundered hose.

A Washboard.... All I can think

A steep flight of stairs leads
to the second floor.

I admire the displays that
fit in an area with a
 steeply pitched roof.

There's sooo much more to
look at in this cramped

Carol and I could spend hours combing through the eclectic mix of antiques in the Doubleday House. We have to rejoin John and Eric and continue our tour of historic Ballston Spa.

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