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Saturday, July 16, 2016

"SummerNight" in Downtown Schenectady, New York

Eric and I walked from Jerry's house in Rotterdam to downtown Schenectady for Schenectady County SummerNight.

State Street is closed at

This summer festival has grown A LOT since it started in 2005.  There's more "good eats" to for festival goers.

Cafe  NOLA serves up
Cajun Foods.

serves local wines.

The crowd is building.

A bartender at Johnny's told Eric and me that 30,000 people are expected at "SummerNight."

This year's sand sculpture
is Dory.

Eric and I meet up with Doreen, Tony and Anthony.  Karen, Ritchie and Josh will join us later.

Main Stage music:
The Stockade Kids

Eric walk along Jay Street.

The Ambition Signpost

The Chronicle's smooth
jazz is a crowd pleaser.

This costumed group is handing
out fliers for Hieronymus:

Let the sun shine in....

Eric pointed out this Chopper,
parked near the Hampton Inn.

I admire its paint job &
 extensive chromed parts.

Anthony takes a selfie of 
Doreen, himself, Tony,
Eric, Ritchie & me.

Night falls & the crowds
continue to grow.

Gin Blossoms is playing on the Main Stage.  The crowd is so large that we can't get near the Main Stage.

Fireworks, courtesy of
Price Chopper& Market 32
rise from the the roof of
the MVP parking garage.
The evening is coming to an end.  After saying good night to Karen, Ritchie and Josh, Eric and I walk with Doreen, Tony and Anthony to their car.  They are giving us a drive back to Jerry's house.  

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