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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Next Stop... The Macdonough Monument in Plattsburgh, New York

Commodore Thomas Macdonough and his sailors defeated the larger, better equipped British Navy, stopping their invasion deeper into New York on September 11, 1814.  The Battle of Plattsburgh was the decisive battle of the War of 1812.  Just three months later, the Treaty of Ghent was signed in Belgium, ending this two year conflict.

Commodore Macdonough &
the victorious battle on
Lake Champlain are
memorialized here.

Funding for this monument was approved by New  York State and Congress in 1914.  At the base of the monument are the names of the ships commanded by Macdonough: The Saratoga, Ticonderoga, Preble and Eagle.   Dedicated in 1921, a bronze eagle with 22 foot wing span, representing victory, sits atop the 134 foot limestone obelisk.

Barb took this picture of
Eric & me in front of this
beautiful monument.

It looks out over Lake Champlain.

I think the lake is guarded by
the giant eagle.

Terry wanted  Eric and me to have another view of this dominating monument.  He drove across the bay so I could get this shot...

The modern sculpture
reminds me that life
is change.

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