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Thursday, July 28, 2016

East... to Essex Junction, Vermont for Escapees RV Club's Escapade

Eric and I say goodbye to Barb and Terry and start our drive east....  to Essex Junction, Vermont.  We have two options, drive or take the ferry across Lake Champlain.  The drive is two hours long...  We'll see more scenery.

Our drive starts on
Interstate 87 North
(the Northway).

We take Exit (Sortie) 41
towards Chazy.

North on US Route  9 North to
the Village of Champlain.

We drive past corn fields...

... & farms.

This is my best photo of

Bicyclists enjoy a ride
on a glorious day.

Rouses Point...  I went garage-
saling here with Barb & her
sister-in-law, Mayford,
four years ago.

There was LOTS of great stuff for sale in this small village.

Eric & I follow US Route 2 East
across the  Korean Veterans 
Memorial Bridge across the lake.

Eric points out this tiny,
island, just off shore.

Welcome To Vermont:
The Green Mountain

Eric parks at the Vermont Welcome Center in Aburgh.

*Fun Fact: An Intercontinental Nuclear Missile Silo was built just east of Alburg in the early 1962. Teams of Air Force technicians manned the site 24 hours a day.  In 1965, just three years after construction, the site was deactivated and decommissioned.  

Eric follows Vermont Route

The Swanton Public Library
is a site offering free meals
to kids & teens this summer.

Today's drive takes us
south on Interstate 89.

We will take Exit 16 to the
Champlain Valley Exposition.

Eric will turn right onto

.... & follow it to
Essex Junction.

The Champlain Valley Exposition
welcomes 56th Escapade
 Rally attendees. 

We stop briefly to unhitch our Jeep from the motorhome.

Helpful parking staff direct
us through the Exposition
grounds to our rally spot.

Hundreds of RVs of all types are being parked each day.

We are parked quickly...

More RVs are coming in
& waiting to be parked.

 A motorhome, on the far left,  crosses the field to be parked.  The person to the right
of our motorhome (2nd from the left) is Eric, with jack pads in hand.

After Eric and I settle in, we'll take a walk around the grounds.

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