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Saturday, July 30, 2016

"The Row" at Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont

Escapee RV Club Chapters, Birds of a Feather Groups and Escapee RV Parks are sharing information and showing off their best assets on "The Row" at the 56th Escapade in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Here's a sampling of the Escapee Chapters, BOFs and RV Park options represented at Escapade.

Escapees RV Club has chapters
across the United States, in
Canada & Mexico.

Becky & Steve visit Marilyn

Throughout Escapade, members of Chapter 41 (19 people) will take turns sitting at our table and chatting with Escapees from all over the United States and Canada.

Arizona Chapter 45: The Valley 
of the Sun, from the Greater 
Phoenix Area shares their
love of the Southwest.

promotes their chapter &
Florida Fun.

Chapter 49: Wisconsin Badgers
shares the Farmland's Cheese
with passersby.

includes Michigan & Indiana.

Chapter 8: The Mexican Connection
regularly tours Mexico.

are promoting the greater
San Diego area.

BOFs, Birds of a Feather Groups are are developed by members with specific interests to gather and to  promote their activities.

Volunteer Escapees) are sponsoring
a Blood Drive during Escapade.

SOLOs BOF are single Escapee
members who travel together.

Bill, the man in the yellow shirt, 
joined a small group of SOLOs
when he traveled to Alaska 
in 2014.

Boomers BOF members meet
up all across the country,
often informally.

Escapee Jammers meet up & make
music all across the country.

Woodcarverrs BOF meet &
share their art & techniques
as they travel.

Escapees RV Club became involved in Rainbow RV Parks, Co-Ops and Escapee Rainbow Parks Unlimited (ERPU) Resorts to assist club members who want a home base.  Each RV park, Co-Op and ERPU is member centric, focused on their members wants and needs.

I managed to get a photo of
Chapter 14, Nevada's Lucky
RV Park in Parump, Nevada.

Jojoba Hills RV Resort is
located near Temecula,

RoVer's Roost "crows" about
being Escapee's first Co-Op
RV Park.

Park of the Sierras, located near
Yosemite National Park, in
Coarsegold, California
shows off their amenities.

Eric & I stayed at Evergreen
Coho in Chimicum, Washington
in 2014.

I enjoyed speaking with everyone about their Chapters BOFs and Escapee home base options.

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