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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3G Visit From New Hampshire

3G...  That's what our son, Adam, calls his sister, Diane's family.  The Gillespies... Diane, Damon and Sean drove in from New Hampshire for the Fourth of July weekend.

Sean & Great-Grandma

Sean got busy with bubbles
& sidewalk chalk....

Great-Grandma gives Sean
instructions for watering
the flowers.

3G drove to Glenville to see everyone's favorite relative....

Diane, Aunt Betty, Sean
& Damon.

Aunt Betty is Sean's

Diane & her favorite
Great-Great Aunt

Sharing a tiny kitty
with Aunt Betty

My brothers, Al & Stan
came by to see Sean.

Al approves of this photo...

The Great-Uncles with
Damon & Sean

Sean shares a moment
with Great-Aunt Nancy.

I do have a favorite photo from the weekend....

Diane & Grandma

When Diane, Damon and Sean come to town, its a whirlwind experience....  I am so happy to have pictures of our time together.

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