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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Presidential Air Transport: Air Force One & Marine One

Visitors are welcome.

A Docent provides a
tour of the plane.

The Cockpit

I am amazed by the
instrument panels.

The Communications Center
is essential to the President
 & Staff.

This plane has 1,400 square feet of space for crew and passengers.

The President's Suite

Military Staff have space
to do their work.

The Conference Room

A small number of Press
travel with the President.

President and Mrs. Reagan slept on fold-out couches.  Staff, Military Officials, and the Press slept in their reclined seats.  Without full bathroom facilities, this Air Force One made stops on long trips so the pilots and passengers could shower.

Meals were served on
Presidential China.

President Reagan always
had a cake onboard to
celebrate Birthdays &
Anniversaries of those
traveling with him.

Marine One is used for short
trips in Washington, DC &
to travel to Andrews Air
Force Base.

The Cockpit

Limited space ensures that
a select group of people
travel with the President.

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