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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Returning to Prime Desert Preserve in Lancaster, CA

Eric & I return to Prime 
Desert Woodland 

Today we are walking the
 east side of the Preserve.

A Black-Tailed Jackrabbit runs
across the main road in the
parking lot.

Another beautiful day
for a nature walk.

Two Crows perch in a
Freemont's Cottonwood Tree.

They are joined by another...

Three's a crowd??!!

A California Juniper on
the left of the trail with
Joshua Trees close by.

I catch a shot of this small Lizard.

Because I think Lizards are creepy, 
I'll let you identify it.

This section of trail crosses
a Riparian Area.

The Juniper, Joshua Trees &
low-growing bushes provide
great cover for desert

I wonder why these
Joshua Trees are bent.

This is one of the largest
ever seen. 

This Boardwalk comes to
a dead-end in a grove
of Joshua Trees.

This Desert Cottontail blends
into its surroundings.

Look at the shadow cast by the sign.

The Desert cottontail is almost

Goodbye... Today's walk
has come to an end.

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