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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Eric Versus Our Motorome's Basement Storage Compartments OR Is This Groundhog Day?

This is serious stuff here folks...  Our motorhome has storage compartments beneath our living space that we refer to as "the basement,"  and there's A LOT of stuff down there. Sometimes it's a challenge to find that one thing Eric or I need RIGHT NOW.

Eric arranged these items in bins,
labeled them & created an
inventory list in 2012.

After our epic 578 mile round trip drive to the Arctic Circle and the Northwest Territories on the gravel Dempster Highway in 2014 our motorhome was very dusty.

Each item stored in the basement was examined; unused items were given away and our basement was repacked for a second time.

A year & a half later,
Eric is back at it again....

He is carefully looking at everything stored in the basement and pulling out unused, unneeded items that we are carrying around with us on our multi-year road trip...  Eric and I hope to be fulltime RVers into our eighties.

He repacks oddly shaped
items as efficiently as

Eric "rocks out" to Bollywood
dance music.

Each bin is numbered &
the contents are listed to
make searching easy.

Our pile of unused items
is growing....

We will figure out what
to do with this stuff

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