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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Eric Follows a Trail Off of Plomosa Road to...

Another day, another
off road drive.

Eric starts on a trail near our campsite, off Plomosa Road.

Ocotillo are leafing out.

We cross Plomosa Road &
continue south, toward

There's no remnants of
buildings or a mine nearby.

I think these stone walls were
 built by campers.

We stop on top of a hill
to admire the view....

      These mountains stand between us & Quartzsite.

I admire the rock strewn

Another hill top...
Another stretch
of the legs...

      The road ahead leads across the valley floor.

This dome rises out of the
jagged mountains.

Today's drive is taking us further and further east of Quartzsite.

I spotted Bighorn Sheep
on the ridge line.

Eric often spots wild animals before I do... but not today.

Another ridge line, another
Bighorn Sheep.

Finally, a trail marker

Though nearly illegible, 
the marker is an Arizona

As we travel east, we enter flatter terrain.

A fellow RVer enjoys
the desert in western

A family of Saguaro
Cacti grow near their
"nurse tree."

A power pole & a building...
evidence that we are driving
toward civilization.

We leave the off road trail
at Brenda, about 13 miles
east of Quartzsite.

Eric and I agree that today's drive was beautiful and full of driving challenges.

We could stop in Quartzsite on our way back to the motorhome.  Do we need anything?

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