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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What Walking Sticks Are Really For...

 It's 3:00 pm.

Eric brings his walking stick
with him for today's walk.

You don't need a walking stick to walk in this relatively flat area.  Is it just for appearances?  No... Eric is using his walking stick to poke around bushes and into holes looking for Rattlesnakes.

He has heard stories in town of a Rattlesnake that was found in the folds of a tarp that was left on the ground.  Another one that was found in a store.  Eric wants to find one too.

I am not excited about his quest and stay well back from Eric as he explores.

This piece of felled Ironwood
looks like a giant Lizard.

No Rattlesnakes yet....

A Barrel Cactus

Eric tells me that Rattlesnakes hunt at night, not in the heat of the day.  I stay away from the brush that grows in the hedgerows.

This Saguaro Cactus is growing
close to a Palo Verde Tree.

Saguaro Cacti always grow

Eric finds a ring of stones
around the Saguaro.

Still, no snakes....

Small Daisies.... Spring has
come to the Sonoran Desert.

After about an hour of looking for slithering critters, we turn toward our motorhome.

It's time for Happy Hour.

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