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Friday, February 19, 2016

I Drive Off Road.... On the West Side of Quartzsite, Arizona

Today's drive, on the west end of Quartzsite starts out just like any other drive.  Eric is driving.  After climbing two hills, Eric stops the Jeep and gets out.  It's my turn to drive
and Eric's turn to take pictures.

I start out driving in a
flat area.

For a smoother drive, I am to let up on the gas before dips in the trail.  Look for larger rocks. Straddle them, drive to the right or left, or if necessary, drive over the rock... slowly.

Eric gives me tips for
climbing the hill.

I miss a dip, or two and the ride is b-u-m-p-y.  As the passenger, I'm usually scanning ahead, looking for a potential picture.  Looking right in front of the Jeep and judging the next few feet ahead is as important as scanning ahead for a change in terrain.

We pass an abandoned
stone building.

I find myself gripping the steering wheel, hard.  Off roading is a constant planning and execution. This is work.

This section of the trail
is narrow...

I make needed

The trail is taking us back
into Quartzsite.

I think off roading is like video gaming, which I have done very little of over the years. There's strategy, using the tools available in the game and constant changes to advance the player.  Instead of a game, this is real life.

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