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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Off Roading on The Plomosa Mountains Trail, North of Quartzsite, Arizona

The Plomosa Mountains
Trail starts near our
campsite, north of

This 14 mile trail is described as an easy ride across the Sonoran Desert.

soaks up the sun...

We drive though

Don't drive in or across washes when there is rain west of a trail or near a chosen trail.  Water moves very fast and cars have been swept away.

This one has a steeply
sloped exit.

Suddenly, Eric is driving on
soft sand.

The rocks are unstable on
the exit from this wash.

Eric poked around and found a gentler slope to exit from the wash.

Sandy dunes in the

I like this pic with a multi
armed Saguaro.

An abandoned, homemade
truck camper sits in an
open area.

I wonder if anyone comes out here and uses it as a base camp.

A close up of the Palo Verde

Adapted to the desert climes,
this tree has has chlorophyll
in its trunk. 

We climb a hill & get out to
enjoy the view.

The Guide to Arizona Backroads and 4-Wheel Drive Trails is so helpful.  We repeatedly cross an ATV trail.  It would be easy to turn onto the wrong trail and end up miles away from our expected end point.

It's beautiful here. 

The gravely road on the left is next section of today's trail.

This section of the trail is
very rocky.

We will drive around a portion
of the Plomosa Mountain

Suddenly, the soil is red. 

An abandoned mine

We will cross the mountain
 range beneath this fissured
rock formation.

We approach another
wash... a gravelly
tract... pavement.

A fun drive with varied terrain...  What's next, Eric?

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