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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A One-of-a-Kind Camping Trailer in Quartzsite, Arizona

This wooden trailer caught
my eye...

This hand crafted trailer
has custom trim around
the door with colored
glass & the window.

The cooler is mounted, above a storage compartment ,on the front of the trailer with a power cord.

I admire the back up lights,
mounted on wooden plaques.

The rear of the trailer opens
up too.

There's an olive green metal ammunition box mounted on the side of the trailer, behind the wheel, providing extra storage space.

Inside, a cozy sleeping

The owners are used to being stopped by curious people and are happy to give tours.

1 comment:

Merlin said...

Obviously a lot of work, and from the photos, it looks quite detailed. The problem with wood, although I've always been a fan of the look, is how the sun and just being outside treats it. If it's just a vacation camper, it will probably be beautiful for many seasons. Very nice.