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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Goodbye Splendide Washer/Dryer... Hello New Storage Cabinet

Change is "afoot" in
our bedroom.

has stopped spinning.

I checked online and our washer/dryer weighs 150 pounds.  The rear passenger section of the motorhome is overweight by about 100 pounds.  I can replace this well used appliance or remove it and create a new storage space.

Eric measured the washer/dryer and planned its removal.  Electrical and water connections were removed; as were the screws that anchored the appliance to its cabinet.  Eric wrestled the washer/dryer out of its snug fitting cabinet.  We pulled it, on a rug, the length of the motorhome. The "dead" appliance was pushed/slid down the motorhome's steps and loaded into the back of our Jeep.

Eric drove to the La Paz County
Transfer Station where he & I
offloaded the washer/dryer into
a shipping container.

Cost...  nothing.  I was surprised.  No large appliance in Upstate New York goes to a transfer station or landfill without its owner paying a dumping fee.

I put rags in the drain
pipe & dryer hose.

Eric explains that if the water in the elbow of the drain pipe evaporates, we will be smelling fumes from the grey water tank.  This will not happen, ever.  The dryer hose is closed off to prevent air, and dust, from entering the storage cabinet from the outside dryer vent.

Eric is ready to get
to work....

He uses duct tape to seal
the down spout.

The vent pipe is also

The dryer hose is
sealed & secured.

Eric has plans for the unruly wires inhabiting the back of the cabinet.

The water hoses are tied
to the air vent pipe &

The electronic wires are
bundled up & not
going anywhere.

Eric covered the holes in
the back of the cabinet
with corrugated plastic
sheeting & taped it 
into place.

I will cover the floor of the
cabinet with rubber shelf
liner to ensue that stored
items don't slide around.

Our new storage cabinet
now holds a propane heater,
box fan, Priority Mail boxes
& the folding clothing

Everything stored in the cabinet weighs about 45 pounds.  The rear passenger section of the motorhome is now closer to its recommended weight.

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