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Monday, February 22, 2016

Breakfast @ Bad Boys Cafe in Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric and I are in the mood for breakfast out. 

Today, we are sampling the
fare at Bad Boys Cafe.

The name Bad Boys, conjures images of a biker gang's favorite ramshackle greasy spoon, crowded with gang members, their women and pledges. The name of the cafe doesn't match the cheery signs and giant daisy on the front of the building.

I wasn't expecting flowers 
& coordinated furniture.

Eric gives his breakfast
order to the lady at
the counter.

We will be sampling Bad Boys' specialty.... The Sweet Potato Pancake.

Everything is so nice here.

I think that Bad Boys Cafe was named to catch people's attention, and not to describe
the restaurant.

We shared a Potato Pancake...

Eric LOVED his Stuffed Biscuits
& Gravy with Eggs Over Easy.

My Eggs, Bacon, Hash Browns
& Sourdough Toast were
cooked perfectly.

I'm a fan of Bad Boys Cafe.  The food is well prepared and the prices are very reasonable.  Including the tip, breakfast was $18.00.

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