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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Taking Care of the Essentials of RV Life at Rose RV Park in Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric and I packed up the our motorome and headed to Rose RV Resort in Quartzsite.

Rose RV Park has the essentials
of RV living....

Propane, RV Dump Stations
& Potable Water

Eric and I expected to stay out in the desert longer than three and a half weeks.  Our grey and black tanks aren't full yet, but the Propane tank is running low.  The weather has been on the cold side with lows in the 30s at night.  The gas furnace has been running each morning and night and we need to fill our Propane tank.


First stop....  The Propane fill.

At $1.99 per gallon, Propane
very reasonable.

Next stop.... The Potable
Water Station

Eric connects our motorhome,
poses for me & watches our
water gauge.

Last stop...  The Dump Station

Eric takes out the sewer

He connects one end to 
the motorhome's
water bay.

The other end of the sewer hose
is put into the dump station.


Eric pulls levels & empties
the grey & black water

Empty grey & black water tanks are a wonderful thing.  Back... to the desert.