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Sunday, February 7, 2016

No Particular Place to Go: Walking BLM Land North of Quartzsite, Arizona

 Today, I have no particular place to go....

I am walking across
Federal BLM Land
on a dirt road.

I follow another camper's
foot prints.

A UTV crosses a scraggly

 I cross broad, flat areas of the Sonoran Desert.

These concentric circles sit
just off the dirt road.

Are they ancient, or were
they made just months ago?

The road gets rougher as
I approach a wash.

Bike tracks...  Someone has
been ridding a bike along
this dirt road.

A camper is flying
a Drone.

for the sky.

A Saguaro Cactus deteriorates to
stalks at the end of its lifespan.

I stop to look at this large
tree, at the edge of a wash.

It's trunk has tree bark, unlike the Palo Verde Tree that has chlorophyll in its tree trunk.  

It's leaves are small &
densely clustered.

This amateur botanist has decided that this is an Ironwood Tree.

I turn around & start my
walk back to our

I hear an engine droning....

A Powered Parachute
sails overhead.

There's another one, soaring
 above RVs parked in
 the desert.

No particular place to go is a great destination.  Today's walk raised questions, fueled my curiosity about the plant life and history of Native Americans in western Arizona.  I lifted my eyes to the sky to watch a Drone and Powered Parachutes explore the desert from above.

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