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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Taking Care of Business at Palm Plaza Laundromat in Quartzsite, Arizona

Palm Plaza Laundromat
is on North Central Avenue
in Quartzsite.

It is the closest laundromat to where Eric and I are camping, north of Quartzsite. 

There's outdoor seating for

Palm Plaza Laundromat 
has free, open WiFi.

This could be my favorite laundromat in Quartzsite, even though it's a lot smaller than Main Street Laundromat.  Customers have the same options here, with a mix of different sized washers and dryers to meet differing laundry needs.  There is seating indoors with tables strategically placed for laundry sorting and folding.

I'm going to use the biggest
washing machine here...

I brought LOTS of laundry.

Darryl greets everyone who enters this small laundromat.  He matches customers with washers that are ending their final spin cycles and advises on the amount of detergent to be used in front loading machines.  I appreciate his helpfulness.

Darryl asked me if I had brought my laptop or tablet to use the WiFi.  Sadly, I had not. Next time I will update a few programs while waiting for my laundry.

Snack & soda machines...

A machine that dispenses
laundry bags...

Customers can buy soap,
bleach, softeners & the
change machines.

I like this clean, well maintained laundromat.  I can buy anything I forgot to bring with me, and the WiFi is free.

One of the two walls of dryers.

Customers can also buy water
& vacuum their cars &
trucks here.

Darryl has a smooth running operation here.  The over-sized washer was a time saver.  Within an hour my car was repacked with clean clothes and I was on my way back to our motorhome for Happy Hour.  

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