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Friday, September 21, 2018

Where We Are: Selections from the Whitney Collection in Manhattan

The Selections Exhibit is an eclectic mix of artwork from artists that Modern and Contemporary Art fans will recognize.

Music, Pink & Blue No.2
by Georgia O'Keeffe

 O'Keeffe's time in the
Southwest is seen
Summer Days.

Hudson River Landscape

Variation on an Old Theme

I am excited to see this painting.  My book on American Art features Stella's The Bridge painting.  Throughout his career, Joseph Stella returned to this subject and painted it using different lighting and different painting techniques.

by Roy Lichtenstein

I am most familiar with
this comic strip works.

Seven A.M.

A simple, small town scene and next, a New York City neighborhood....  Hopper is best known for urban scenes.

Apartment Houses, East River
by Edward Hopper 

Midnight Winter by Rockwell
 Kent is an example of his
preference for remote scenes.

Untitled by Beauford Delaney
depicts a simple home.

$199 Television by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol by Alice Neel

His torso has scars & he
looks frail.

I don't remember Andy Warhol getting shot.  The woman who shot him, Valerie Solanas, believed he was trying to steal her SCUM Manifesto and control her life.  Warhol was seriously injured and lived with pain for 19 years following the shooting.  He became frightened of germs and illness and did his best to avoid hospitals.  It has been said that avoiding preventative care and waiting too long to have his removed gallbladder removed helped shorten Warhol's life.

Poker Night (from A Streetcar
Named Desire)

I recognize the vivid colors and fluid action of Benton.  Eric and I became acquainted with his work in the Missouri State Capitol.

My Egypt by Charles Demuth
reminds me of Precisionist

Industrial subjects portrayed with clean, crisp lines show an emotional detachment from the subject.

Buildings, Lancaster
by Charles Demuth
includes the colors
of a street scene.

Visitors step forward to see
the details in Two Maps
by Jasper Johns.

Three Flags by Jasper Johns,
was painted in 1958, one year
before Alaska & Hawaii
 were admitted to the

Eric & a modern sculpture
on the Whitney's terrace

 The northerly view from the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Eric and I enjoyed David Wojnarowicz's activists paintings and viewing different works by favorite Modern Artists at The Whitney.

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