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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Stonewall National Monument & Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village

Eric & I stop at Stonewall
National Monument at
Christopher Park.

Statues of two men standing &
two women seated depict the
public comfort that the Gay
Community has worked to
attain along with their Civil

Eric & me in front of 
the Stonewall Inn on 

Police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar, in the early hours of June 28, 1969.  Arresting Gay Men and Lesbians was a way to boost arrest statistics.  The bar had been tipped off about the planned raid.  Angry customers and residents met the police outside Stonewall Inn.  Tempers flared as the police manhandled and arrested Gay customers.  After a Lesbian was hit over the head, arrested and pushed into a paddy wagon, onlookers started throwing things at the police and a riot broke out.  Six days of protests and violence followed in the neighboring streets and Christopher Park.  

The June 28, 1969 raid on Stonewall Inn
 & the resistance by Gay Men & Women
galvanized the Gay Community to
 fight for their Civil Rights.

I recommend watching the PBS American Experience Documentary, Stonewall Uprising to learn about the discriminatory practices that led to violence and the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement.

Eric & I stepped into this
historic bar just after it

We ordered Vodka & Sodas
& took in the details of
this small bar.

Stonewall Inn Tee Shirts

The Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution includes what is known as the Equal Protection Clause: No state shall deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection 
of the laws.

Some in our country struggle with changes that have occurred over the last 20 - 30 years and believe that Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender individuals do not deserve to be treated as equals in employment, housing, educational settings....

The United States has struggled with discriminating against minorities since its birth.  Many groups have been accepted as Americans strive to be inclusive and accepting of fellow citizens.  

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