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Friday, September 7, 2018

Sunrise @ Saratoga Escape Lodges & RV Resort in Greenfield, New York

Eric figured out that sunrise occurs on the east side of the Saratoga Escape Lodges and RV Resort lake.  We are up early, and with camera in hand, I wait to capture the changing sky before sunrise... moment....

The Waning Crescent Moon
dominates a changing sky
at 6:10 am.

Saratoga Escape Lodges and RV Resort's lake reflects the sky's pastel colors.

The clouds fill with color
at 6:14 am.

The reflections on the
lake are rich with

Color fades from the
clouds at 6:19 am.

Sunrise occurred, at 6:26 am on September 6, 2018, behind the trees.  

I shift the camera to the
northeast to capture
colors that fill clouds

6:40 am comes & goes as the
sky loses its color.

6:50 am: The sky is bright,
but there's no ball of sun
in the sky. 

Here comes the sun, through
the trees, at 6:58 am.

I got restless while waiting to greet the sun and spent some time between photos looking around the campsite.  Here's what I found....

I picked these small items of
trash out of the gravel that
surrounds our motorhome.

They will be put the trash and not find their way into  the mouths of fish and wildlife. 

After seeing maimed Sea Turtles at the Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, Georgia, I have become vigilant about picking up litter.  All uncollected garbage eventually ends up in steams, lakes, rivers and the ocean.  Everyone can help keep wildlife safe from injury and death by picking up a little trash every day.  

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