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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Eric & I Drive South to Jersey City, New Jersey

Eric & I leave Saratoga Escape
Lodges & RV Resort & start
our drive south.

Eric turns onto
Interstate 87 South.


We pass the I Love NY
sign on the northbound
side of the highway.

Known locally as "The Twins,"
this is the Thaddeus Koscuiszko
Bridge across the Mohawk

Eric follows the sign to Interstate
 87 South in Albany & onto the 
southern portion of the

New York City is 145
miles away.

Eric pulls into this Truck
Pull-Off so we can switch

He takes his signature photo
of his feet, as he sits in the
passenger seat.

Eric catches this airplane,
with Ailerons down,
coming in for a landing.

We leave the Thruway for
New York State Route 17 
South, & New Jersey.

Welcome to New Jersey

I like the post card design.

Traffic is heavy as we
continue our drive south.

MetLife Stadium

The NY GiantsNY Jets
play football here.

We are following New Jersey
Route 3 East toward the
Holland Tunnel.

Our first sighting of the

There's a height listing for
each lane of traffic, & the
road shoulder.

Eric is driving the last
leg of today's drive.

We follow New Jersey Route
139 East....

.... as Eric manages multiple
lane mergers.

Two lanes are becoming

I took the next picture from the door, on the passenger side of our motorhome.

The driver of this car stopped
his forward advance when he
realized that our motorhome
was taking up the majority
of the narrowing lane.

Three lanes open up &
congestion clears up.

Eric will take the last right
hand turn, just before the

I like the artwork along
this underpass.

This is where the road ends...

Eric is registering at Liberty 
Harbor RV Park as I get 
ready to unhitch our Jeep.

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