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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dim Sum @ Jing Fong Restaurant in Chinatown

Yelp has high ratings for
Jing Fong Restaurant.

Eric and I look forward to traditional Dim Sum dining.

Eric & I enter a large
dining room.

There's room for several hundred people here.

Jing Fong has an impressive
wine selection.

The Bar

Our table & menu

Staff come by with carts
of food.

Eric & I point to the
items we want. 

The start of our meal
includes Dumplings,
Spring Rolls, Bacon
Wrapped Shrimp & a
pot of Tea....

My Sticky Rice Ball
with Custard &

These mild "carrots"
are our dessert.
 How do they calculate the bill here?

Servers place a stamp next to
 the items  they bring to

 the table.

Eric and I liked our choices of our late lunch. The concept of selecting items from carts to build a meal provided us with different foods in small portions.

Including tea and our tip, our Dim Sum came to $34.00.   Money well spent for an eclectic meal.

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