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Saturday, September 15, 2018

A Walk Along Brigham Road in Greenfield Center, New York

Today I'm taking a walk along
Brigham Road, near Saratoga
Escape Lodges & RV Resort.

A wide path leads to the small,
neatly manicured, cemetery
across the road.

A large plastic bag sits to the left of this path.  I'll pick up some litter as I return to the RV Park, put it in the bag and leave the bag in a dumpster.

The upcoming curve is clearly

This is a Right to Farm Area.

Farmers are protected from nuisance lawsuits filed by neighbors who have recently moved into this rural, agriculturally zoned area.

Suburban homes were built near a Guilderland, New York Pig Farm and complaints about smells and the occasional escaped pig were filed with the town.  It was a sad situation for the farmers and the farmer, Mr. Vojnar.

I think this is the oldest house on the road.  The farmhouse has a lot of character.  It and the barn across the street, speak to this region's agricultural past.

Two horses graze in a large

Bird Houses fore sale at
this Adirondack themed

Tiny orange "trumpet flowers"
grow along the leafy bushes.

Past its prime, this large
pink flower remains

Pink Asters in the
roadside growth

A dog & armed robot
guard this property.

A lone Red Daisy
shares the sun with
Golden Rod.

I wonder if the Red Daisy, which I think is a hybridized flower,  is a "volunteer."  Eric uses that term for plants that are transported to unexpected locations by birds.

Roadside litter,
 including a
smoke detector

I found the small grocery bag on the upper right and filled it with trash on my return walk.  The large plastic bag that was sitting in front of the small cemetery is on its way to the dumpster with this colorful assortment of debris.

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