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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Eating Like a Local @ Taqueria Merlo Y Tienda Mexicana in Avon Park, Florida

Eric and I asked around for recommendations on a good Mexican Restaurant in the Sebring area.

Everyone we spoke
to recommended

This Mexican restaurant shares its space with a Mexican store that stocks the basics for Mexican cooking and household goods.

All around us people are speaking Spanish.  I was reminded of our visits to Mexican Border Towns and Nicaragua.

The menu includes pictures, which was very helpful.

Eric selected the
Chuleta De Res.

The Onion Smothered T-Bone Steak is flavorful and moist.  The Beans and Rice are the basics of a Mexican meal that Eric loves.  His Corn Tortillas didn't make it into the picture.

My Carne Asada
 includes Onion
 Topped Beef Strips
 with a Salad, Beans,
 Rice & Corn Tortillas.
Everyone we spoke to was right!  Taqueria Merlo y Tienda Mexicana is the place to go for fresh, flavorful Mexican meals in Avon Park.

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Kristl Story said...

I'm glad to see you're working your way to West Palm Beach, and I look forward to having you on the West Palm Beach Food Tour soon. Must be a great Mexican restaurant for a Texan to give it two thumbs up!