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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Walking Highlands Hammock State Park's Shady Trails

Eric & I explore tree lined

This 1,000 year old Live
Oak Tree has new growth
sprouting from its
ancient trunk.

Tree Maintenance Fun Fact: Earlier in the 20th century, tree cavities were filled with concrete and rebar.  Several very old Live Oak Trees at this park have been filled with these substances.  This type of tree repair isn't performed any more.

The projections are rebar.

The cylinder is concrete.

Eric & I walk along an
elevated walkway.

Eric took these photos

Tree roots project
into the trail.

Ferns fill the forest

This rotting tree stump
reminds me of an Alien
bursting out of an
astronaut's chest.

Eric & I walk in a jungle
of green & brown.

I think we blend
in well.

This ancient Live Oak
has cement blocks
wedged in its base.

Concrete filler is all
that's left from the
fallen tree trunk.

crosses the path.

They are everywhere!

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