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Friday, January 6, 2017

Exploring a Circle B Bar Reserve Nature Trail with Chris & Jo- Ann in Lakeland, Florida

Eric & I join Chris & Jo-Ann
for a nature walk at Bar B
Circle Reserve in Lakeland.

The trail starts in an open
field partially shaded by
with Spanish Moss.

We soon find ourselves on an elevated trail with open water on our left.

A Great Blue Heron looks
out across the water.

I took a LOT of beautiful pictures today.  I'll share a few...  Really, more than a few.

An Anhinga perches on a
branch & spreads its
wings to dry.

Ooohh.......  A very large
Alligator is just down the
embankment from us.

A Great Egret wades beneath
wafting Spanish Moss.

The right side of the trail
looks swampy & primordial.

Along swam an Alligator....

A close-up of a larger
Alligator cloaked in
Algae (?).

A Snowy Egret shows off its
delicate yellow feet.

floats by....

An Alligator moves slowly
into the tall grass.

The trail takes us back
to the parking lot.

Next... Lunch at the Brew Hub.

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