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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Southeast to Okeechobee, Florida

Eric & I start our rainy
day drive on US 27 

Car Fox, from CARFAX, welcomes
 shoppers at Posner Park Auto
 Sales in Davenport.

Eric fuels the motorhome
in the truck lanes at the
Pilot Travel Center in
Haines City.

We are here at a busy time.

It's 11:30 am & the
streetlights are lit.

We turn onto Florida
State Route 60 East.

Eric kept saying Honey...


I finally looked up and took a picture Struthers' Honey in Lake Wales.

Trees encroach on
the two-lane road.

Florida State Road 60 South
crosses the southern end of

I think the structures in the background are part of the area's flood control system.

This is Cattle Country.

Upcoming Passing Lane

I didn't expect to see this
on a pin straight road.

Eric and I have seen Passing Lanes throughout the mountainous Northwest.  With roads carved out of the sides of mountains, passing lanes are very welcomed.

Here it is....

Traffic must be heavy enough
to make the extra lane

The route to Kissimmee Prairie

It looks like we're sneaking
up on it.

Just six miles away....

A Great Egret sits

Roadside mailboxes

Fenced-in property....
But no buildings

The road to the campground is sand.  Sections of it are washboarded.

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