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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The American Clown Museum & Clown School in Lake Placid, Florida

Eric took me for a walk around Lake Placid.  He's looking an attraction he found on TripAdvisor. Here we are....

The American Clown 
Museum & School

Clowns are all around....

Admission is free.

We start our visit to this 
one room museum with
an introductory film.

Overhead are dozens of
clown faces.

This is the museum's fundraising program.  A local artist creates your clown image for display.  

Clowns originated in ancient Greece.  The clown and the types of performances have changed throughout the millennia.  From mimicry and satire to playful comic skits, clowns adjust to the times they perform in.

They are a HUGE part 
of Circus fun.

As I took the picture of this
 Circus poster, I thought about
in May, 2017.

This wall has photos of
iconic clowns & Clown

his makeup.

Emmett Kelly, America's
sad clown

Red Buttons....

Some of these paintings
are his self portraits.

Clown figurines have
been donated to the

This tiny clown is
wearing a gold

This is my favorite

Clowns bring joy to those who can't join crowds at the circus.

Visiting a sick child

The library provides
information for
students of the
art of clowning. 

Get your clown shoes
at the Gift Shop.
This is what Eric and I love about travel...  exploring the unusual and unique.  Today we learned about the history of clowning and were re-introduced to world famous clowns.

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