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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Walking the Taylor Creek Trail in Okeechobee, Florida

Eric & I will be walking
Taylor Creek Stormwater
Treatment Area Trail in
Okeechobee County.

sits in a tree.

A Great Blue Heron strikes
a pose at the water's edge.

A wide ramp from the
elevated trail to the water.

The other side of the trail
also has a ramp to the water.

Eric and I think that these are "Alligator Ramps."

An Anhinga dries its
wings in the sun.

An Alligator & a Turtle
hang out on a small
patch of land.

Now I know that Alligators socialize with other reptiles.

Two Alligators share an

This Alligator barely
fits on its perch.

The sublime look of

Chickee Huts provide much
needed shade for hikers.

This Alligator is about seven
feet off the trail.

Black Vultures cluster on a
sandy spot to enjoy the

A reminder of the many
birds who live here.

A Wood Stork
takes off....

A Great Egret wades in
the shallows.

This bird seems to be everywhere in Florida.

These picnic tables are
an inviting place to 
stop & watch Nature's

Eric and I enjoyed our hike.  We rely on the internet to find fun, free activities as we travel, and it does not let us down.

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