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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Campground in Okeechobee, Florida

We made reservations were make at Florida State Campgrounds eleven months ago.  These campgrounds are very popular.  Southern Florida campgrounds are in highest demand and among the hardest to get into.

Kissimmee Prairie Preserve 
State Park Campground was
chosen to fill a three night
gap in  our schedule.

Eric & I are parked & ready
to go explore this remote

Our site has a 30 amp electric hook up.  Eric and I need to be aware of our electric use, so as not to trip the circuit breaker on the electric box.  We have a water hook up.  The pressure is low.  Our DirecTV satellite reception is good.  

Campers come here for the

There are many birds living
on this Prairie.

This campsite has a tent &
 an air conditioner.

Dappled sunlight washes 
over the motorhomes &

The fee for water and electric campsites is $16.00  per night, plus fees and taxes.  Primitive campsites fees are $5.00 per night per adult and $1.00 per night per child.

efficient setup.

One tenter is camped in an
open field.

These sites are for campers who come to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve Campground to stargaze. The closest city, Okeechobbee, is the are about 30 miles away.  Without light pollution, astronomers great viewing opportunities.

The Bath House has Rest
 Rooms & Showers.

A small Lending Library
has been set up next to
the Washer & Dryer.
A load of was costs $1.50.  The Dryer is $1.00 per load.

A Dumpster & Recycling
Bins are a short walk
from the campsites.

One Dump Station is all that's
needed for this 36-site

 The Prairie, dotted by stands of trees, stretches on for miles.

Settlers have been converting the Prairie into pastureland since the 1800s.  Efforts to reclaim this ecosystem have been underway for decades.

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