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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Touring the Showcase of Citrus Property on a "Monster Truck"

It's time for our ride 
through the property on

That's some truck!

It's a converted
school bus.

I like the Safari inspired paint job.

Our driver, Johnny,
is ready to drive....

We will travel around Showcase of Citrus' 2,500 acres during our hour long ride.

 We drive past Orange Groves.

Eleven varieties of Oranges, Grapefruits and Lemons are grown here.

Eric relaxes as we listen
to Johnny tell us about 
animals we'll see during
our ride.

Honey Bee Boxes house
the Bees' hives.

Honey Bees pollinate the
Citrus Trees & other plants
on this 2,500 acre farm.

Their Honey is bottled and sold at the Country Store.

Free-Range Cows 
wander onto the trails.

Johnny drives into the largest
puddle I've ever seen on a
off-road trail.

The bus has lots
of clearance.

Water sloshes from under
the bus.

Three Sandhill Cranes walk
across an open field.

Barcode, the Zebra

Adult Water Buffalo &
two Calves.

It looks like the white
birds are picking bugs
off their hides.

The light tan one is the youngest Calf.  It is still nursing.

Big Mama comes toward us.

She's looking for an Orange,
or two.

The oldest Calf
LOVES Oranges.

Charlie, the Longhorn Steer
 & Clyde, the Ankole-Watusi
 Steer, walk up to the fence to
  get their share of Oranges.

Showcase of Citrus has

Berry Picking is very
popular in the spring.

Johnny returned to the "Truck Stop."  We thanked him for the ride.  It was great!

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