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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Boyd's Campground Office & More... on Stock Island

Boyd's Campground Office
is a long, low building
shaded by Palm Trees.

Registration takes just a few minutes.  Eric was delighted to find out that the Boyd's Campground Post Cards and Bumper Stickers are complimentary.

Find yourself short of cash while visiting the area? Boyd's has an ATM for campers' convenience.

Our campsite has water, sewer and electrical hookups.  We have free Wifi.

Campers prepare for
their Key Largo
adventures here.

Jewelry, Souvenirs,

Tee Shirts & Tropically
themed clothing,
Delicate Collectibles

RV Accessories,
Unbreakable Mugs &
Bottles, more Clothing,
Beach Towels,Sandals,
Beach Bags...

Boyd's Campground
accepts mail for
This service is a time saver for the Campground's guests.

The Rec Room has a
Pool Table, Video
Games & Picnic

Washers, Dryers, Lots of
Counter Space & an
Iron & Ironing Board

Unseen in this picture is the small Lending Library.

A second room with Washers,
Dryers, Counter Space &
Iron with Ironing Board

Boyd's has 21 Washers and Dryers available to campers from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Cost: $2.00 per wash and $2.00 per dryer load.

Eric and I feel very cared for and that our business is appreciated.  The Manager told us that their goal is to ensure campers have everything they need; that they enjoy their stay and return to Boyd's year after year.

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