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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Road Grime Be Gone! @ Love Bugg's Car Wash in Sebring, Florida

We usually wash our Jeep at Quarter Car Washes because we have a bike rack installed on the back. Eric took the bike rack off and now we can go to an automated car wash.

Off to Love Bugg's
Car Wash...

Love Bugg's is
busy today.

Our car is somehow "hooked to" the car wash's automatic track system and our wash begins...

It's been a long time
since the Jeep has been
sprayed & slapped
with nylon cloths.

Horizontal cleaning cloths rides
up over the hood of the Jeep.

The duo of whirling dervishes
cleaning strips massage
the car.

Rinse water & cleaning
cloths roll over the car.

Our car, on the automated
track, approaches the "dryer."

Water is forced up the
 windshield as the "dryer"
 rolls up over the car.

The Jeep is bright & shiny.

Eric put the bikes on the back of the car.  It's time to leave Highlands Hammock State Campground and continue our drive south.

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