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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Today's Drive: South to Frederick, Maryland

It's time to leave the Harrisburg
Walmart & continue our drive
south to Frederick, Maryland.

frequent route south
for Eric & me.

 Another shot of the bridge across the
Susquehanna River in Harrisburg.

I was charmed by a pic I took a year ago of the reflection of the bridge.  Now, I look for this section of highway each time Eric and I drive south on Interstate 83.

We will spend most of
today's drive on
US 15 South.

Pennsylvania has LOTS
 of fireworks stores.

A bucolic scene with
cows resting near
a tree.

US Route 15 takes Eric &
me into the Gettysburg

Business signs are a attached
to bicycles adjacent to the

We cross the Maryland
state line.

has a colorful trailer
to advertise their 
fresh vegetables.

This section of US 15 South is

A gold statue of Mary
watches over St. Mary's 

Large homes dot the
rolling hills of western

This construction sign with
an anthropomorphized
traffic cone makes me

The Frederick water tower

 Where is that Walmart?

Our motorhome is parked
as far away from the store
as possible.

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