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Friday, November 4, 2016

Everyone's Selling Real Estate.... in the Capital District

Have you ever noticed how many realtor signs there are throughout the Capital District?

Whether walking or driving, I see many different realty signs at homes that are for sale.

TriStar Real Estate LLC

This tiny Real Estate company needs its own website.

I am an a avid internet user and expect to see businesses marketing themselves on the web.  In addition to web presence, I also judge a business by how easy it is to navigate their website to find the information I want.  

Miranda Real Estate
Group has a robust
web presence.

Doreen Ross &
 Associates Real Estate
has been serving
Capital District
 for decades.

Realty USA is a nationwide
Real Estate company.

I've seen their ads on TV.

 Hathaway company bought
 Prudential Real Estate &
 Real Living  brands to enter
 the real estate market.

RE/MAX also advertises
on TV.

Another very large
realty company:

Veronica W. Lynch LLC is
a regional real estate

large, well advertised

This company's website offers many links to educate buyers and sellers.  

offices across the US.

is now for sale.

It's listed with Copper

This small realty company is located in Hagaman, New York.

Bird Realty is another
small company, located
in Glenville.

represents on the
 web with a blog.

Gersch Real Estate Group
does not have a website.

Group LLC advertises
on Facebook.

This Zombie House
is listed with
Royalview Realty.

 located in Albany.

The realty sign is at
the corner of this
Zombie Property...

Gage Realty &
Scotia Rentals

regional company.
This is a small selection of the realtors in the Capital District offering homes for sale.  I truly believe that EVERYBODY, except me, is selling real estate.

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