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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Southeast to Glen Burnie, Maryland

Why are Eric and I driving just one hour to Eastern Maryland?  We have a date with history.  I'll tell you more about that later.

The Walmart in Frederick is
just minutes from farm

 Oh Deer!!!!

 Eagle Eyed Eric pointed out
this one sprinting across
 a meadow.

Others will follow....

East... on Interstate 70/
US Route 40

This next pic is for people who think our motorhome is too wide for the road...

It's as wide as this

There's plenty of room in the twelve foot lane for the bus to safely travel.

Eric & I fuel up at 
Falcon Fuel.

$2.39 per gallon for diesel is a good price.  We paid $2.70 per gallon for diesel in Pennsylvania.

The awning over the pumps
is high enough to accomodate
our 12 foot plus motorhome.

I took this shot of a Peregrine 
Falcon while the motorhome's
fuel tank was filling.

The gas station's name fits well with the local bird population.

I was happy to see a
rest area for Trucks.

 Commercial truckers drive a specific number of hours, by law, and must leave the road to rest.  Many businesses don't allow truckers to park in their parking lots.  Maryland is aware of this and has made accommodations for the people who make sure Americans have access to the  many items available in stores and the goods used in businesses across our country. 

There is a traffic delay
for road work.

Oh Deer!!!

This White Tail Deer didn't
make it across the road.

Oh Deer!!!

A decoy Deer rides head
down strapped to the
back of a pickup truck.

Done with Deer.

A road crew fills patches
in the right lane.

Maryland has 70 mile
per hour speed limits
on sections of its roads.

This is a surprise to me.  I thought all speed limits starting with a seven were in the western states.

Interstate 695 takes us
around Baltimore.

We continue south,
to Glen Burnie.

Happy, anthropomorphized
construction signs make
 me smile...

I love cranes!

Here's our exit...

Fall colors are vibrant
in Eastern Maryland.

Eric & I will base out of this
this Walmart parking lot
 during our visit to the
 Baltimore area.

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