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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Howling Halloween in Rotterdam, New York

Doreen, Werewolf & Jason
on Jerry's front lawn.

Trick or Treaters are
moving from house
to house.

My mother-in-law, Jerry, expects at least one hundred Trick or Treaters this afternoon and evening.

Department's fire truck
cruises the neighborhood
with treats for the children.

Ghosts howl on
Jerry's porch.

Inside Jerry's house, there's Halloween antics aplenty....

The Werewolf hugs the Joker
the Jester stands by.

The Joker picks up the
Werewolf & heads to
the door.

It's time to go outside
to get treats.

Puppy stands next to
Frankie Stein, everyone's
favorite Hot Cocoa maker.

The Dwarf with Gigantism
sports a tiny horned Viking
hat & a large green bow tie.

At 8:00 pm Trick or Treating ended.... The streets emptied and princesses, ghouls, puppies, etc. returned home to admire their mountains of treats. 

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