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Monday, November 14, 2016

Eric & Dave Catch Up on Things at Bew'd Pub & Restaurant in Frederick, Maryland

Brew'd Pub & Restaurant is
the latest business old to
inhabit this old stone tavern.

Eric sands on the porch.

A sign tells visitors that this was a local haunt for hundreds of years.  "Old bloats of the neighborhood would gather on Saturdays and public days to run horses, fight chickens, drink bad whiskey and black each others eyes."  Serious politicking went on here too.  Local pols brought poor white voters here to feed them and get them drunk before taking them to the polls.

The front dining room is
light & airy.

A more formal feeling is
created by the period
wallpaper in this
dining room.

The shelving in this room
gives it a homey feel.

The bar

Eric & Dave have some
catching up to do....

It's been about 40 years
since they were in high

They had plenty to talk about during our three hour lunch while Dave's wife, Debbie, and I got acquainted.

Our lunch ended and Dave shared a piece of local history with us.

This is the oldest Oak Tree
in Frederick County.

There sure is a lot of
history in Western

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