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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

@ The Freightliner Chassis Service Center in Gaffney, South Carolina

Our 2004 Winnebago Vectra rides on a Freightliner chassis.  Eric and I return regularly to Gaffney, South Carolina, where our Freightliner chassis was manufactured, for servicing.  Our Cummins generator will also have its fluids and filters replaced.

Center is located at the
 Cherokee Campus in Gaffney.

Ninety of Freightliner's 450
Service Centers are
Oasis Centers.

Employees at these service
centers have extra training
to work on RV chassis.

Oasis Centers also provide space for RV parking.

An aerial view of the Gaffney
Service Center & RV
 parking area.

RVs that park here have
electric hookups.

Here's where Eric &
I check in. 

Eric reviews the extra items we
 want inspected in addition
to our regular chassis checkup.

Freighliner sells tee shirts,
mugs & other Freighliner
branded items.

Have a cup of coffee, tea &
a snack while you wait.

It's been two years since out last checkup in Gaffney.  Darren, our Tech, gave us a good report. No big surprises were found.  A leaky rear seal was replaced.  The motorhome got a wheel alignment. We need to order a solenoid from Winnebago and have it installed.  There is a small manifold leak.  That work will be done at a Cummins Service Center.

Our Cummins generator has new oil, coolant and new filters.  It is now ready for another 1,000 hours of power generation.

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