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Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Return Visit to Gaffney's Peachoid Water Tower

Built in 1981, Gaffney's
 is easy to spot from

Eric spreads his arms to
show off this giant
fruity landmark.

Our Jeep and Eric look tiny along side the 130 foot water tower.

It's my new hairdo.

Frank Underwood, the notorious political schemer in Netflix's House of Cards returned to Gaffney in the series' first season to defend the Peachoid.  A teenage girl died in a car accident while texting about the landmark.  Frank has to negotiate with the dead girl's parents who believe someone must pay for their loss, grieve with the community and garner support for one of his early public works projects.

The Peachoid looks like it's
been freshly picked, errr

When Eric and I visited in 2014, a work crew was preparing to sandblast and repaint Gaffney's famous landmark with more than twenty different shades of paint.

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