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Friday, November 11, 2016

A Stop at Beer Zoo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Eric and I are in Harrisburg, near Hershey, PennsylvaniaTroegs Brewing country.  Troegs' holiday beer, Mad Elf, is in beer stores now.  We must buy some....  I made a few calls and found some beer stores in Harrisburg that sell Mad Elf.

A little bit of back story....  Dave and Kathy introduced us to Mad Elf Beer, and craft beers, in December, 2012.  Eric fell hard for this malty beer.  Kathy purchased a magnum to share with us in December, 2014.  Since  then, this sweet holiday beer has become one of my favorites.

Fortunately, Beer Zoo
is within walking
distance of our
overnight stop
in Harrisburg.

Eric goes straight to
 the Mad Elf display
 with the Walmart
 shopping cart we
 brought with us.

Ooooh.... He loves
it so much... I
think he'll marry it!

Can a man be married to a woman and a beer at the same time, or is a divorce in my future?

After a short discussion,
we settle on five cases
of Mad Elf Beer.
Eric and I both look forward to relaxing with a Mad Elf.  I think we have enough to last until April, maybe May, if we each have one per week.


lajuene said...

I love my mad elf but not as much as my craaaazeeeee wife. MMMWAAHHHH! BEHBEH

Pat Petralia said...

Never heard of that beer. Eric, you look more and more like your father. If you're going to be around home,how about a visit? It would be good to see you.

Ginny said...

I'll call you when Eric & I return next spring. : - )