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Monday, October 31, 2016

A Zombie Returns to Life.... in Rotterdam, New York

Unoccupied homes are a blight on neighborhoods.  Local governments have a hard time tracing the ownership of some empty homes.  These properties are called Zombie houses.  Without records of ownership, local governments can't hold anyone accountable to keep the properties' lawns trimmed and ensure that they are secured.

I call this Zombie the
 Ghost House because
of the shredded tarps
the cover its roof.

I walk past this house regularly to see if anyone will take up the challenge of "bringing it back to life."  So far... no takers.

A new roof has been

Because of the condition of the exterior of this house, I assume that the interior is being gutted.

So, this is what a house
looks like without

The new siding is tan.

The concrete steps have
been broken up with
a jack hammer.

The concrete & blocks
sit in a pile in front
of the house.

I like the new porch
& steps.

And, there's new

With all the work done on the exterior of the house, I expect that the interior is being refurbished, with updated kitchen and bathroom(s).

I'm happy to see this Zombie house "return to life."  I hope that its new occupants enjoy it and make lots of happy memories in their new home.

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