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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Hudson-Berkshire Food & Wine Festival in Chatham, New York: Livingston Hall

The Hudson-Berkshire Food and Wine Festival has grown since 2013.  This year, Livingston Hall was opened to provide space for the increasing number of vendors.

Decorate inside & outside the
house with This Old Bottle.

samples unique red &
white wines.

Kathy & Greg demonstrate
the CoolerMate.

Loose ice is no longer needed
to keep food cold in a cooler.

Greg was tired of melting ice and soggy food in his camping cooler.  He decided to separate melting ice from the food.  Sister, Kathy, and brother-in-law Ted, worked with Greg to develop this innovative cooling system.  After YEARS of steady work on this unique cooling process, funded by tax refunds, the prototype was made and CoolerMate's patent was granted.  Greg beamed as he told me that CoolerMate is now in mass production.

Large scale production is a very good thing.  Greg, Kathy and Ted have been selling out at Outdoor and Sports shows across New York State. I predict that the  CoolerMate Insert will soon be a necessity for campers, hunters, tailgaiters, boaters; for picnics and back yard parties.

 favorite Finger Lakes

Thirty-One sells handbags,
tote bags & accessories.

There's something for everyone
at this booth... Jewelry, Purses,
Coasters, Plastic Wine Glasses. 

Eric and I enjoy tasting wines and shopping in this smaller building.  We are ready to visit the outdoor vendors.

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