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Monday, June 20, 2016

Every Building Needs a Sturdy Foundation... The House on Cox Avenue in Rotterdam

Looking at the same houses, cars and trucks can be tedious, so I vary my early morning walks to avoid boredom.  Last Thurday's walk took me to Cox Avenue.

St. John's Stone & Concrete's
truck is parked outside one
of the houses at 8:00 am.

I am a curious person.  I took my cell phone out and started taking pictures....

The right side of the house....

A trench has been dug, exposing the basement wall below ground.

 I am looking inside the basement.

There are spacers, probably jacks, where concrete blocks used to be.  This is serious foundation repair.

The left side of the house is
also missing a row of blocks.

The repairman is working on the outside of the foundation.

A few minutes later, he is working
from inside the basement.

I must walk on Cox Avenue again to check on the progress of the job.  

Monday morning.... 

The foundation on the right side
of the house is complete, with

The left side of the house's
foundation has been

After a few days, I'm sure the trenches will be filled and grass seed will be spread to return the lawn to its previous lush green.

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