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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sacred Sites: First Church in Albany, New York

Eric parks our Jeep in front of
First Church on North Pearl

First Church, founded in 1642 by Dutch settlers, is the oldest church in Upstate New York.  As the congregation grew, a new larger church was needed.  This building was built between 1797 and 1799. Since that time, additions have been built, stained glass windows were added and restoration projects were completed.

This church is beautifully

All the doors to the pews
re open.

First Church followed the European model of pew rental.  In 1938, the practice was abolished.  

The color scheme of white, beige and green with gold accents & brown trim is restful.

This church as cushions on 
the pews & there are no
kneelers for worshipers
to use during services.

are simple in design....

They do not tell stories as the
windows do at Saint Andrew's

The Nave is open &
simply ornamented.

Galleries run the 
length of the 

are a study in simplicity.

The Pulpit is elevated.

To the left of the Altar is

First Church has memorial
plaques, like Christ Church
Episcopal in Duanesburg.

This memorial is for Reverend John De Witt, the first pastor of First Church following its separation from its "sister church" on Beaver Street.  

This Tiffany window was installed
in 1912 near the main entrance
to the parish house.

First Church is a beautifully simple church with a long history.  Touring Sacred Sites Open House churches has become a lesson in local history.

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