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Friday, June 3, 2016

Sacred Sites: The Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, New York

The Cathedral of All Saints
South Swan Street opened
its doors for Sacred Sites
Open House.

Bishop William Croswell Doane, Bishop of Albany, wanted to recreate an English cathedral in Albany.  ThisGothic Revival house of worship was built between 1884 and 1888.

 the S. Swan Street entrance features
"Adoring Angels," created by painter,
 muralist & stained glass innovator

The cathedral's stained glass windows were fabricated by Clayton and Bell in London, England.  All Saints has one of the greatest collection of Clayton and Bell windows since most of their work was destroyed during German bombing raids in England during World War II.

This building is cavernous.  

The stained glass windows
tall & narrow.

It's a long walk along the
Nave to the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary & Altar

The choir is practicing &
the music is heavenly.

The pipe organ is on the left,
behind the choir.

I don't want to get closer because I may disturb the choir leader and the choir.

The Sanctuary is quite ornate.

There are statues of Saints
flanking the Cross.

Light streams in through 
the stained glass window
above the Altar.

This Pulpit is not enclosed.

The Eagle radiates  strength
& authority.

The Cathedral of All Saints
has several Chapels.

These intimate spaces
are used for small
group worship.

Names of individuals are
displayed on square
blocks behind he pew.

This area of the church is a Columbarium.  Ashes of deceased congregants are interred here.

Mary and Infant Jesus
are the focal point of
this Chapel.

Memorial stones decorate
the walls of this massive

Edmund Gay is honored
by his daughter.

The pinkish stone used for memorials and as accents throughout the cathedral is Potsdam Sandstone.

Mary & Baby Jesus watch
over the Baptismal Font.

One of several crypts
in the Cathedral.

Allen W. Brown, the fifth Bishop of Albany and his wife, Helen Belshaw Brown, are buried here.

The Rose stained glass window
that faces Elk Street.
The Cathedral of All Saints was designed and built to showcase England's architectural traditions. When I eventually get to England, I will be carefully studying their cathedrals architecture, Altar(s) and stained glass windows.

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